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  • Who are we?

    Society for India

    Society for India is Cornell University's South Asian group on-campus and strives to promote South Asian culture and awareness through various events. Our goal is to foster cross-cultural interaction transcending all geographical boundaries as well as providing a strong support system that thrives to provide personal and professional assistance to all Cornell students.

    What do we do?

    Our Events

    Each year, we organize many cultural events that bring the South Asian community closer together. We organize ice-cream socials and an annual Fall Garba, Diwali Show, Society for India Formal, and even participate in the Mock Shaadi. Please see our events page for a description of our major events for the year.

    How can you get involved?


    Aside from coming to any one of our cultural events throughout the year, feel free to reach out to any of our board members for ways that you can get more involved in our events throughout the year. Please refer to our recruiting page for information on how to get a board position.

  • Events

    Ice Cream Social!

    Fall Semester

    Come meet the members of Cornell's Society for India at our annual Ice Cream Social event! Whether you're looking to join Society for India, want to learn about our many events or just enjoy ice cream and meeting new friends, our Ice Cream social is the perfect place to do so!

    Fall Garba

    Fall Semester

    Fall Garba is Society for India's celebration of Navratri! With free food, dancing, and fun, this event is always a great time for all students!

    57th Annual Diya Jale

    Fall Semester

    Diya Jale is Society for India's biggest event of the year and it is the longest running Diwali show in North America! Our 2018 show featured amazing performances by Tarana, Raas, Sitara, Anjali, Yamatai, Bhangra, Nazaqat, Breakfree, and worldwide sensation Pav Dharia!

    South Asian Council's Mock Shaadi

    Spring Semester

    Mock Shaadi, hosted by Cornell's South Asian Council and co-hosted by the Society for India, is an annual interfaith and intercultural mock wedding celebration! This event showcases and celebrates the richness and diversity of South Asian cultural and religious wedding traditions. Come through for a night filled with delicious food, music, and dancing!

    Society for India Formal

    Spring Semester

    SI Formal is one of the most exciting events planned during the spring semester! SI formal gives members of the Cornell community the opportunity to dress up in formal Indian clothing, eat traditional food, take amazing photos, and say farewell to our graduating seniors!









    Aashna Kaur










    Shalini Gundamraj

    Vice President







    Dhanush Kota








    Shalin Mehta

    Social Chair

    Our Executive Board








    Apoorva Agarwal

    Social Chair








    Ria Tripathi

    Public Relations Chair








    Aarushi Parashar

    Public Relations Chair






    Amira Walia

    Diya Jale Coordinator







    Cheryl Kalapura

    Ex Officio







    Anusha Choudhury

    Diya Jale Coordinator

  • Applications for Executive Board 2019-2020 are now closed!

    Thank you to all of our applicants!

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